In the name of the aesthetic Creator

My full name is Mohammad Mohammadzadeh. I was born in Tehran in Year 1942. My father’s name is Hossein the son of Abdolvahab, the offspring of Mohammad, the issue of Haj Ali ,the progeny of Mola Hossein ,whom all were from Yazd and also were carpenters. Some of Mola Hossein's well-known portal artifacts pertinent to 200 years back have been exhibited in Mir Chakhmagh Mosque in Yazd.

I inchoated the carpenter’s vocation from childhood in my father’s shop and I managed to gain master experience at the age of 18. At the age of 22, I inchoated wood carving work, xyloid and lapidarian sculpturing, islamic woodwork and lattice work. At the age of 30, I used industrial machinery in the field of islamic woodwork, Wood sculpturing, woodcarved works, and Inlaying with comely outlines. I transmogrified the aforementioned industry from an artifact into a mass-production semi-industrial one.
After the Islamic revolution I tended to make more religious artifacts, Quran Stands, the statue of the religious personalities, archeological works, etc.

I can do the ensuing tasks in a qualified manner:

1. Modeling industrial artifacts with precision of 1.10 millimeters

2. Making Wood sculptures with Woodcarved designs by inception of a photo (whose dimensions are 25*25 centimeters) from the customer

3. The making of 4-dimensional effigies or busts by utilization of photos taken from 4 diverse perspectives whose dimensions are 30*20*20.

4. The creation of disparate artistic Inlaying made of diverse multi-color coatings in an industrial mode, mass-production or placing pre-orders.

5. The mass-production fashioning of diverse wood carving furniture subsequent to inception of orders.

6. Making Wooden copies out of sculptures, effigies, xyloid artifacts, woodcutting, and other industrial works. I have gained plenty of experience, I don’t sing my own praises because God is the only know-all.

Whatever I have learned is due to what God has ordained. I am ready to donate the obligatory alms of whatever I have learned to make God feel elated out of having such a servant.

Special Regards,
Mohammad Mohammadzadeh.

Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
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