Oh humans! I have always accompanied you in the history since the primeval times.

I am closer than father, mother, wife or progeny to you. When your kin’s ghost is detached from their body and inchoate ascending, you sepulcher them hastily, then, you put them out of your mind, but I remain adjacent to you right after the time your ghost is detached from you for years and centuries and I serve you. When you are engendered, I act as your crèche. You slumber in my bosom as you hear a lullaby and you wake up afterwards.

Your manual, podal and other corporal organs have always touched me and you take advantage of the fruitful beams I emit. You will be consigned to the grave together with me. I will be with you even in the afterlife universe. If you have conducted an ignorant and cruel manner of living, you will be scorched with my entity. If you feel affection for human beings and the Creator, you will dwell pacifically beneath the tree of blessedness in heaven. Then you will rejoice in the Godsends embedded in me.
I wish to be a mincing cypress among the blessed in heaven
Why shall I have a capricious life like that of a turtledove?
Strive to act like Mary so that God proffers you boons of the blessed tree.

His Excellency Noah made a cymbiform structure out of me and he was the one who rescued the whole humans’ generations. Namrood’s adherents made a colossal conflagration out of me to incinerate his Excellency Ibrahim in it but the almighty ordained me not to get ablaze and I was changed into an anthoid garden. If special creatures of God wield me, they can overthrow pharaohs, split the brink, and cleave rocks to make fountains surge.
As his blessed entity Solomon was leaning over a stick, Gabriel put him to death. The xyloid stick kept his holy being on his feet for one year and at the order of Lord, termites gnawed it gradually until he fell down.
The Christians say Jesus Christ was crucified on a ligneous cross.
Oh humans! I am the one that is incessantly beneath your hammer blows. As the prophet ordained me, I acted likewise, how will humans conform to him? Benighted people made effigies out of me and inchoated venerating it. When Honest Mohammad wielded me, he overthrew the idols and revitalized the God’s religion.
If a dull-witted person handles the same stick, he or she may injure the lips of the prophet’s son.
We can learn a lesson of loyalty and affection from Hannaneh. As the messenger of God was delivering a harangue on a tribune, she was moaning just like a child segregated from her mother.
Some of the righteous persons interacted with me asunder from the prophet and they assimilated the arboreal language based upon God’s ordain. They have esteemed me and they have composed poems and other written materials which express one in a million facts embedded in my being.

Why did God proscribe Moses from catching sight of the almighty Deity when Moses asked for it? As God noticed Moses was so determined to see him, he projected a tiny portion of lights representing him upon a mountain but the mountain could not tolerate that beam and was devastated. Moses and his disciples fainted (or expired as narrated in other sources) out of glancing the aforesaid lumination. God confabulated with Moses from behind a mosaic tree and Moses rejoiced in conversing with God.
Why can’t mountains and other entities establish a link between The Creator and the created whereas my dendroid entity has had a close relation both with God and the Lord and other creatures during the human’s history? Tell me beloved carpenter! Which one of the prophets or Noah’s progeny are you pertinent to? Have you ever embarked upon Noah’s ship or have you sought asylum in a mountain like other contumacious offspring of him?

I glimpsed the ensuing sentence on the portal of a carpenter I suffice to be a carpenter bequeathed by Noah Shouldn’t it be a motto, it seems a comely sentence. How a joiner may use my dendroid nature? How much is he acquainted with me? How does a woodworker exploit diverse types of my arboreal nature? Have you ever observed me beneath a microscope? Have you ever heeded my xylem and ligneous texture? Do you know how I absorb water from the catachthonian moisture and convey it to the highest levels in my being? (My phylloid, anthoid, and fructiferous entities have scads of information to be perused.) When you take hold of limbers to sever, do you either reckon my age or gauge my stiffness? Have you ever gotten a whiff of me to realize my species and the time to fell me down? Have you ever inflicted blows upon me to find out my hygroid percentage and my stiffness? Have you ever taken advantage of your gustatory sense to get cognizant of my species? You master carpenter!

Do you make mart-based or customized products? Do you gazump or gazunder as the fair-owner coaxes you to do so? Do you beguile customers? The vendor takes the monetary profit and you will be blamed for the underworking. Mart-based and customized products are the same as slapdash ones. Ancient carpenters utilized connections such as clapper, bolts, latches, and they carried out their job with a painstaking precision. Nail and adhesive have superseded the ancient attachment devices. You don’t know that nail and metal are not congruent with my being. They can’t attach two pieces of ligneous materials for ages. Ligneous vitrines, and libraries which have been co-attached with nails and screws fall asunder under the effect of slightest displacement as they are being dragged to the purchaser’s abode. The fittings of the simple or steel furniture collapse in case one decides to replace their covering after beating them because straps, springs and fabric render them vertically sustainable.

You master carpenter! How come you don’t use a homogenous concolorous piece of wood in your artifacts so that you won’t have to take advantage of protective color, resins, polyester and other chemical tints which are my great ancestors but they are not congruent with me? Such colors render me afflicted with dyspnea and suffocation. My respiration is effectuated through contractions and dilatation. As I inspire you sniff some aromas and beams which have aceological effects upon your ailments and pangs.

I request the beloved painters to utilize phytological linings, ancient tints such as lac and sandarach, as well as disparate phytological oils for instance olive oil. In case you utilize fibers, three-layered wood and M.D.F which are fabricated by means of my ligneous excelsiors, I recommend you to press diverse facets of them with dissimilar xyloid coverings to fend off the odor and distillation of nocuous chemical materials in your environment.

I solicit the plants manufacturing diverse types of woods to utilize phytological and animal-pertinent adhesives and to eschew the utilization of acid-bearing and chemical glues.
Humans and trees are geminous entities; unfortunately humans don’t value this symbiosis. Humans misuse ligneous and xyloid materials which has a nocent devastative effect upon humans’ life. The felling of each tree is equal to demise of a human being. Humans’ soul and corpora have remained unknown, so have the trees. Suppose a ten-year-old tree can yield 20 kilos apples per annum. If humans use the whole caboodle of their advanced technology to bear 1 kilo apples, they won’t manage to make an apparatus which gives forth an apple like the natural one. What do you do with this Godsend creature, your partner? Should it refrain from producing oxygen, life will be unthinkable for humans even for a jiffy.

Here I express what I envisage municipalities, the green space organization and forestry to do for me.

When town halls issue permits for the construction of sky scrapers, ancient orchards and trees are extirpated, the, concrete and iron are planted instead. It does not matter. We (namely arboreal entities) are ready to sacrifice our lives for the sake of human being s comfort. I recommend you (1) to construct sky scrapers at least 20 or 30 meters away from each other (2) to make northward streets adjacent to them (3) to plant autochthonous saplings 5 or 6 meters apart from each other (4) not to impart any electricity / phone wires or gas pipe juxtaposed to me (5) not to place concrete blocks, ferrous bridges, Inlaying and asphalt in the vicinity of my rhizoid entity to my trunk (6) to knock down the terrazzos 1 meter away from me on the psammic ground sans cement so that it does not bother local commuters and I can also snatch the opportunity to absorb water and air through my rhizoid entities.
Do not plant me inside ditches and brooks. I am not congruent with buildings. That is why my trunks, twigs and leaves are heliotropic facing the street. Prune me once in a while so that I remain balanced in pluvial and chiono-storms. I have to be annually pruned by cognoscenti not any slipshod saw-holder so that I can embellish towns. I ask you to cure my severed twigs with phytological antibacterial fungicide resin-bearing materials.

This article can be taken for granted as an arboreal complaint against mayors submitted to God. Male mayors refer to barbershop to embellish themselves but they do not care about the pruning of trees at all.
The soot and other chemical materials originating from heavy traffic irritate me. I ask you to rinse my leaves every fortnight in low-rainfall regions so that I won’t be naturally coerced to have several caducous epochs. Fire stations and denizens of the flats above me can refresh me by rinsing me. Kindly plant me in the sun-prone side of the eastward streets. I ask you to utilize trees and plants which require little amount of sunlight in the southern section of streets. Pierce the ditches bottom with 2 or 5-centimer-long drills on both sides of me in steep streets. You can place a sponge with the same diameter and 10 centimeters long and replace it annually so that I will be able to utilize the ditch water in drops. Why don’t you use autochthonous fructiferous trees in passages and parks? An apple, pear, grapes, strawberry or plum tree can festoon the city so amazingly at the flourishment and fructiferous monsoon. If they plant an apple tree juxtaposed to the fruit seller’s, a palm tree next to the date-seller’s shop, a pistachio and almond tree in the vicinity of the dried nuts vendor, it won’t be nocuous for their trade. They can also use them to advertise their business. Why don’t town-dwellers take advantage of hyporhizoid fructiferous plants, vegetables and aestival crops on roofs, balconies, window shelves? I suggest the mayors of the steep towns to irrigate edaphic roads.

They can use ditch water to wet street asphalts. This water orientation causes the pollutants suspended in the air to be drifted into the urban dykes and the pollutants can be refined afterwards. These pollutants stem from cars and factories exhaust or brought in by eolation. Every time a car passes by these pollutants are driven into the air and spread the pollution. You can use the water fluxes to convey the pollutants into the ditches to cleanse the urban air and to refresh the leaves to render further oxygen to humans.

Pragmatic Proposal:

The street center which is painted in segments with a width of 10 meters in white or yellow by the traffic department is the loftiest locus of asphalt. (This applies to northward and steep streets). You can use asphalt-severing saws to groove such lines with the same width as deep as 5 centimeters, then, water can be drifted in them. Longitudinal passage of cars make this water splash in diverse directions, ergo, the pollutants suspended in air won’t enter the pulmonary organs of humans and won’t perch down on leaves and suffocate them for instance you can pluck a 2-month-old leave and collate the pollution quantity with the same amount of the asphalt surface, then, it will be substantiated that the street asphalt is cleaner than my leaves and the pulmonary organs of human beings. The vehicle owners must be compelled to attach a curved pipe to the vehicle exhaust which bends down towards the earth.

I would like to expatiate some points for the forestry and environmental organizations.
According to the unofficial statistics which are more authenticated than the official ones Iran’s jungles used to be more than 18 million hectares in the Year 1942 while the extant area is less than 12 million hectares. Why have they been destroyed up to such a staggering degree?
The government is exerting itself to safeguard forests with little force. The margin-dwellers of the sylvan zones whose substance is dependent upon forestal land make gradual encroachments into the woods. This type of impingement is not notable for government and its servants. Even if farmers make colossal intrusions in forest land, the governmental forces who are clumsy in forestry matters won’t be able to do anything.
If sylvan denizens do not trespass jungle territory, what can the ridiculously sanctimonious governmental offices do revitalize jungles while we do know that they have never even bothered themselves to step into jungles. At first they issue a tender notice for segment of the jungle, then, they use nepotism and favoritism to win the tender. That is the way such imposters swindle people. The winner of the tender has to proffer a commitment letter that he will plant trees to compensate for those felled down or otherwise destroyed. The contract is concluded. The saws and hammers are activated and the trees are razed to the ground and an enormous clearing is made in the segment mentioned in the contract. A segment of the jungle becomes bereft of trees, bushes and grass and the yellow, white or crimson soil remains despoiled.

The contractor has to abide by his commitments, ergo, he refers to a sapling vendor and purchases some cheap scions and plants them in the location of the marauded ones. He pants aspens in the chestnut tree area and pines in the rash tree zone. He plants Cyprus in the wych-elm area. This is the way the contractor carries out his commitment, then, another tender is held to pillage another part of the jungle. The hacked off pieces of wood taken to the roads by mule, horse or mokes after hebdomadal or monthly epochs. The grassland is extirpated during such conveyances. Pedological entities inchoate moving from forests to plains subsequent to the first pluvial precipitation and diluvial flux.
There remains a sapling plantation instead of the fructiferous sylvan zone where there are some incongruent slovenly planted trees are trampled down or suffocated under the weeds. What remains is a useless shrub as well as jungle recession. Suffering conflagrations is much better than experiencing such devastations.
Let’s scrutinize the diverse stages where a felled tree experiences up to the time when it is presented as a product to customers. The razed trees are placed in storerooms in humid and hygric areas. After the elapse of several months during which they are totally polluted with disparate types of parasites, funguses, and chockablock with insects, they will be sent to the mart. They remain in chief wood vendors’ stores for several months and ligneous blights gradually corrode them, then, they will be delivered to the carpenter. As the wood is imparted from one sponging broker to the other one, its price is escalated. The carpenter purchases wood at an exorbitant price not knowing anything about its quality. When split it he notices a worm-eaten, fungus-stricken piece of wood, ergo, he is left stranded.
He makes furniture, bed, decoration and barricades out of the purchased wood. The poor customer has to use the same poor quality chair. The leg or the leaning section of the chair splinters. He falls down and is taken to the hospital. When some butterflies enter your abode, you get so delighted while you are unaware that they are detrimental to the xyloid products. When you see the worm-eaten legs of table and chairs, you inchoate complaining while you do not know that these worms are the brats of the same dashing butterfly and the butterfly is also the progeny of the same detested worm which infiltrated into the ligneous materials used by the carpenter to make furniture.

What is the solution?

- Profound paths have to be made into the forests to revitalize and develop them.
- The construction of scientific investigative stations and appointment of an educated cognoscente to manipulate pesticides, to trim fruitful trees up to the two third of their height, wreckage of bothersome shrubs, and hanger-on trees.
-Transportation and evacuation of forestial wastages to process in factories of fiber-making and three-layered woods
-The establishment of tiny dams in highly steep dells to decrease the diluvial celerity, and conveyance of water inside ditches and dykes to shun any nocuous effect upon installations and systematizations, to irrigate saplings and to extinguish any potential conflagrations.
-Preparation and empowerment of fire stations in loci where aqueous orientation is not feasible.
-Felling trees, and lugging them to other industrial zones, shifting diseased ones to distillation, sterilization, and desiccation workshops. The forest should be cleansed along the meridian in 5-7 meter interstices to rehabilitate the ancient sylvan zones. Several-year-old sapling is planted in highly hygric districts of the same industrial ones, then, the surrounding weeds are trimmed.
-The planted sapling should be exposed to solar rays at least 2 hours before noon and two hours after noon and 4 hours on Fridays. The jungle has to be encroached upon as long as 5 or 7 meters so that the saplings shade falls on the furrow. They may grow sufficiently after 5 or 10 years
-When the saplings grow adequately, you can revitalize another segment of the forest by the same method. Do not fell down the ornithological plantations. Prune the trees within the epochs of 5 or 10 years. Take the trimmed twigs out of the jungle into the wood-making plants, charcoal furnaces, or you may allot some portion as fuel.
If humans become cognizant of the advantages of burning logs, they will change all their gas chimneys into wood-burning ones.
-Concoction of food and bread upon direct gas flame is nocent for you where log fire has salubrious advantages.
-Transform forest guards to sylvan managers. Impel the lazy bones inside enormous organization to stop idling around and coerce them to get down to nitty-gritty.
It is the government’s duty to nationalize forests, pascual zones, barren and infecund land. They should shun niggardly policies.
You can entrust sylvan land and uncultivable grounds to people. Governments should not act like treasure-safeguarding serpents. Such government neither take self-advantage out of such wealth nor allow other poverty-stricken, jobless humans to utilize it.
-Cooperative and unions should be the government law enforcers and government sheerly monitors their actions. Job seekers experienced in the ligneous field can refer to the carpenters’ union and invest 1 million tomans. Unions can form incorporations comprising 10 jobs seeker in return for each xyloid industry cognoscente, each sylvan expert, each forestial margin-dweller, and each one of the employees of the environmental organization.

One hectare jungle, meadow or barren land can be allocated to each member.
Unions, banks and insurance firms can assist such incorporations. Unions can purchase woods directly from the manufacturer and deliver it to the end-user.
Unions should make endeavors to opt for applicants from the sylvan and pascual surroundings.
If the above method is carried out, you will witness the inception of abundant low-cost wood into the mart, ergo, sylvan land will develop and more oxygen will be engendered. One fifth of the idle force will be absorbed in this industry. They will form the infrastructure and will inflict sudden changes upon it.
-Ergo, government duties will lessen and the sedent employees will join the manufacturing mart.
-The manufacturing corporation will deliver the entire products to cooperatives. Having slashed the pertinent debts, the cooperatives will disburse the manufacturers’ contribution.
-Activities such as tree-felling, distillation in sterilizing pools, disinfection, ligneous materials dehydration, should be monitored by cooperatives.
-Ergo cooperatives will link the manufacturing corporations with institutions, banks, insurance corporations, assets organizations and governments.
-Cooperatives will watch over manufacturers’ rights in all aspects.
-Another organization program like the one mentioned above will be assigned the task of dealing with ferocious sylvan animals.
If you appoint some veteran cognoscenti to solve this quandary, I ensure you that one of the joint arboreal of our problems (Trees) and also human predicaments will be solved.

Best Regards For Honest Humans,
The Tree

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